On the Wall Street Journal blog China Realtime Report, Josh Chin describes the atmosphere of anxiety surrounding popular bloggers on China’s Weibo Twitter-like services. These powerful writers often command millions of subscribers, and have been dubbed “Big V’s” for the uppercase letters that appear next to their names on Sina Weibo to indicate that their identities have been verified. Recent crackdowns by the Chinese government on ‘big Weibo names’ following the introduction of laws to quell rumor-mongering have led to a number of high-profile arrests. In an interview on CCTV, Pan Shiyi, a real estate developer and outspoken Weibo commenter, was uncharacteristically inarticulate as he stammered through a warning that other Big V’s shouldn’t get carried away with what they say on the internet. Read the whole article (Sept. 12, 2013)

Pan Shiyi


Pan later posted his thoughts on his appearance: “Today is a bad day.” and “My stammer during the interview has been translated into different languages. CCTV, you are so unfriendly.”



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