Chinese entrepreneur Wang Gongquan was arrested on Friday, Sept. 13 in part of an ongoing crackdown on online speech that the government considers disruptive. The New York Times reports that Wang has been charged by police with “assembling a crowd to disrupt order in a public place.” The charge likely comes as a response to his posts on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblog, calling for the release of political dissident Xu Zhiyong. Wu Dong, another well-known whistleblower who had been detained by the police for questioning, was released on bail on Sept. 18. Wu rose to online prominence identifying the luxury wristwatches worn by government officials in photographs (watches which would have cost more than their government paycheck could have afforded). The crackdown has other high-profile weibo users worried. Billionaire entrepreneur and social commenter Pan Shiyi, a friend of Wang’s, appeared on a China Central Television talk show to advise bloggers to be more careful with what they say online. He stuttered and appeared nervous in the interview as he said popular bloggers should hold themselves to higher standards because of the influence they wield. (Wall Street Journal China Realtime Report, Sept. 12; New York Times, Sept. 13; China Realtime Report, Sept. 17; Reuters, Sept. 18)

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