British Chancellor George Osborne left Sunday, Oct. 13 on a trip to China to strengthen bilateral business cooperation. On Monday, Mr. Osborne announced a simplified visa system to attract more investments from China. Under the new system, Chinese citizens will not need to submit a separate UK visa application if they are applying for EU Schengen visa with selected travel agencies. On Tuesday, a $13bn pilot scheme was announced to allow Chinese businesses based in London to invest directly in Chinese currency. Currently, Chinese investors have to route investment through Hong Kong. A joint statement from the UK and China said “both sides welcomed this as an important step that cements London’s major role as one of the most important global centers for RMB trading.” On Thursday, Chancellor Osborne also announced a new deal between Chinese companies and EDF Energy to build the first nuclear power station in Somerset, UK, in decades. (BBC, Oct. 14; BBC, Oct. 15; BBC, Oct. 17, 2013)