Protests broke out on Oct. 15 in the city of Yuyao, China, roughly 85 miles south of Shanghai.  Yuyao was heavily affected by typhoon Fitow, which flooded over 70% of the city. Thousands turned out in front of the local government headquarters to protest the allegedly slow and inadequate government response to the disaster, which left several areas of the city without power. Anger from residents initially flared last week after news reports from a local television station implied that normalcy had been restored to areas affected by flooding. Despite recent rules restricting the spreading of civil unrest via the internet, numerous images of the protests were posted to social media, showing crowds in front of the government buildings, overturned police vehicles, and attempts to remove the “serve the people” slogan from the entrance to the government compound.  Cai Qi, a high-ranking Zhejiang province Communist Party official, also took to social media to urge the restraint of residents and to insist that the local government was doing its best with the relief effort. (Aljazeera, BBC, Global Times, Reuters, Oct. 16, 2013)