Xinmin NewsXinmin News–A recent picture featuring two local officials visiting a local centenarian has been posted online by [the Ningguo City] government in Anhui province. It quickly became popular, and has been criticized by the public because it is obvious that the picture has been modified–the officials have been photoshopped so that they appear to be smiling at the woman inappropriately, like she’s an animal in the zoo. The local government has explained that due to the circumstances in the room where the photo has been taken, it was impossible to feature both officials [in one photo,] so they modified the photo in order to include both officials in one shot. Critics say that government should prioritize the public and really focus on improving their lives, rather than focusing on the appearance of the officials and ignoring the people. Modifying a photo is easy, but it’s much harder for the government to change the way it thinks. (Posted Oct. 30, 2013)