By Trevor Willams

As they seek to develop a new model of bilateral ties, China and the United States should lead the way on “big-picture” issues rather than dwelling on minor differences, a panel of dignitaries said at the Forum on US-China Relations in Atlanta.

That should start with climate change, said former US President Jimmy Carter, the namesake of the Carter Center, where the event was held Monday.

If China and the US – the world’s two biggest economies and polluters – were able to harmonize their efforts to fight global warming, Europe and the rest of the world would follow, Carter said, citing conversations at a gathering of former world leaders in South Africa last month.

“The entire process of dealing with global warming has broken down, and I think this would be a notable and a noble bilateral commitment for our two presidents, our two foreign ministers,” Carter said. (Read the rest of the article)

A full report on the Forum will be published soon. Photo by Jessica Bolin, China Program Intern