Wumanlanjiang“China will not be able to replace the U.S., because China has fallen far behind in terms of comprehensive national power. China has been trying to catch up with the U.S. for years, but now its GDP per capita only equals to 20 percent of that of America’s, let alone its grossly unequal distribution of wealth. I disagree with the ‘China Miracle’ concept. China has been working on its modernization for nearly 170 years. China would have been in much better shape now if we had not taken a huge detour. Many countries have developed very fast in the past few decades and China is just one of them. There is nothing special about this,” said Zi Zhongjun. (Zi Zhongjun was the former director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.)

Published on Dec. 25, 2013
By Wumanlanjiang on Tencent Weibo