“US-China Perception Monitor” Video Essay Competition


The Carter Center’s China Program is launching a video essay contest on the perceptions held by the U.S. and China of each other. You are invited to submit a 1-3 minute video to present your perspective on the Chinese or American perception of the other nation, or highlight the intricacies and interdependence of the relations between China and the U.S. As long as you are currently a student at a college or university, you are eligible to participate.

President Obama and President Xi recently met in Beijing and both have once again declared that the relationship between China and the US is the most important bilateral relationship in the world. However, at the same time, there are special interests groups and ideologues in both nations who want to derail this relationship. The differences between China and the U.S. in political systems, ideologies and histories have also made it difficult for the two peoples to synchronize their dreams and for government officials to coordinate policies that will benefit both nations and the world. Our goal is to utilize this video essay contest to have young people describe, examine and evaluate this relationship.

Your work may include street interviews, Q&A with scholars or officials, an edited collage of traditional and new media, historical re-enactment, analysis of new realities, or any selection and analysis of U.S.-China dialogues or events.

Jump into Action

Be your own film director, gather relevant materials through your lenses and put together a 1-3 minute video.

A wonderful opportunity

Unleash your creativity and produce your best video presenting the complex and ever-changing U.S.-China bilateral relations. Upon review, videos will be uploaded onto the <www.uscnpm.com> website for the public to engage with. Then a judge’s panel consisting of international relations scholars and film industry professionals will select the prize winners.


  1. First place: Winner will receive an invitation to intern for a widely published magazine in China, with airfare included.
  2. Second place: Winner will be awarded tablets.
  3. Third place: Winner will be awarded high definition cell phones.


Current students in the U.S. and China at the undergraduate or graduate level. Participants may work as an individual or in groups. Only one (1) prize will be awarded per submission.


  • November 17, 2014 – January 15, 2014

All work must be emailed to the uscnpm@163.com

  • January 16, 2015 – January 28, 2015

The organizers will launch public voting on uscnpm.com

  • January 29, 2015

Final winners will be announced after public voting and professional selection. Note that January 29, 2015 marks the 36-year anniversary of the normalization of US-China relations after Deng Xiaoping first visited the U.S.


Dr. Robert A. Kapp: Senior Advisor of China Program, The Carter Center

Professor Daojiong Zha: School of International Studies, Peking University

Professor Zhe Sun: Department of U.S.-China Relations, Tsinghua University

Professor Jianwei Wang: Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Macau

Chong, Wang: Blog Editor of http://www.ifeng.com, and the first Chinese journalist to interview President Obama

Weiwen, Tang: Film director at Shanghai Film Studio, former professor at School of Film, Tongji University

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Creativity (30%): the originality of the work, or creative editing when borrowing elements from other video clips
  2. Depth of Content (30%): whether the complexity, nuances and importance of U.S.-China relations are effectively reflected in the issue that the video addresses
  3. Video Quality (30%): lenses should be steady, there is a smooth transition and flow and high sound and image definition
  4. Internet Popularity (10%): viewership and comment
  5. Public Voting and Judge’s evaluation Weightage: Online voting: 40% Judge’s evaluation: 60%


MOV, MP4, DVD (once submitted, work will not be returned)


The U.S.-China Perception Monitor website aims to mitigate tensions between the U.S. and China by creating innovative channels for building trust, facilitating collaboration between the two countries in critical areas around the world, and raising mutual awareness of common interests.

Chinese Site:www.uscnpm.com

English Site:www.uscnpm.org

Ifeng blog:cartercenter.blog.ifeng.com

Submission Link:uscnpm@163.com

Please indicate your name, school, phone number, and where you heard of this competition).

If selected, you will be contacted by the organizer.

For inquires, email:uscnpm@163.com