Prepared by Dr. Robert A. Kapp, Senior Advisor to The China Program of The Carter Center This is a must read for non-Chinese people who are not bathed daily in the rhetoric and the propaganda of the CCP.  Entitled “Xi Jinping and His Era,” it is a lengthy (click on each successive page at the bottom of each page) recitation of what Xi Jinping has accomplished in his first five-year term, and what China under Xi’s exalted leadership will accomplish in the coming five years of his second term as General Secretary of the Party.  Happily, the English is fairly smooth, and devoid of the familiar and deadening Leninist rhetorical style – mostly.  Analysis of new changes to the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, focusing on the elevation of Xi the leader and Xi the intellectual pole star.  Veteran commentator Willy Lam’s write-up on Xi Jinping’s quasi-Imperial stature post-19th Congress.  Details on who’s who. A long Smithsonian article about the lurking threat of HN79 avian flu in China and the possibilities for a wider pandemic.  $25b in sales, 90% of them by mobile phone, up 39% YOY, for this year’s Alibaba’s “Singles Day” (11/11) shopping explosion.  Read to believe. An official PRC news story on Xi Jinping’s meetings with top Vietnam Communist Party leaders, and the joint pledge of enhanced economic ties that emerged from the meetings. An article on Wang Huning, the intellectual/ideology thinker now elevated to the Standing Committee of the Politburo. Valuable analysis of the move in the US Congress to expand the purview of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, primarily in response to perceptions that a rising number of PRC investments, particularly in M&A, should be considered threats to US national security.  Much more complicated than that, of course; read the article. As Trump, basking in the glow of China’s grand reception, leaves the PRC, the PRC announces a potentially meaningful step in liberalizing restrictions on foreign participation in the Chinese financial sector – something Trump did mention during his visit.  Time will tell as to the measure’s effect both on foreign financial actors and on the Chinese economy; by now, foreigners have not only been tightly excluded from any 51% roles, but in some cases have lost interest in going in, especially at such a late date and because of other onerous requirements, detailed in this article. A long way from Ping Pong Diplomacy: UCLA basketballers leave China after being picked up and detained for alleged shoplifting at a Louis Vuitton outlet in Hangzhou, home of the corporate sponsor of the team’s China appearance, Alibaba.  Trump intervened with Xi, and his staff claimed a Trump triumph in the early release.  LA Times follow-up at As ASEAN convenes in Manila, a Philippine newspaper’s report that ASEAN and China have agreed to enter talks on a binding Code of Conduct for the South China Sea.  Meanwhile, Trump publicly offers to “mediate” SCS disputes, but so far has found no takers.  An hour-long podcast with several generally knowledgeable US experts on China and US-China trade and economic relations.  OK for listening while driving.  Bubbling politics in China’s biggest city, Chongqing, far up the Yangtze River, where Your Editor will be spending some time starting this week. The bumpy pursuit of original sources, in this case archival historical sources, in China.  A frustrated Chinese scholar elaborates.