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The Status of the US-China Trade Conflict: September 9, 2019

(Photo by Tobias A. Müller on Unsplash) By Rob La Terza The US-China trade conflict continues with a set of new tariffs imposed on September 4th [1]. This escalation hit the American consumer harder than ever, with a 15% tariff being levied on 3,800 different items from China. The tariff was enacted on a portion of $300 billion worth of shipments on September 1st, 2019. Tariffs on the remainder of the $300 billion will go into effect on December 15th. This tariff is likely to affect American consumers more than previous tariffs because 60 percent of the products included...

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Interview with Professor David M. Lampton By Zhang Juan, US-China Perception Monitor

David M. Lampton is Oksenberg-Rohlen Fellow, Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, and Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins–SAIS.   1, President Trump warned that it will be harder for the United States to reach a trade deal with Beijing if there is violence in Hong Kong. Vice President Pence repeated this message on Monday. It seems the White House ratcheted up its stance regarding Hong Kong protests. Is this the kind of moderating force you recommended in your article in SCMP? “In my SCMP piece I was arguing that the Trump Administration needed to avoid an error I felt that it...

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U.S.-China Synergy in Fintech?

Financial technology, or FinTech, is producing great potentials for businesses around the world, including in Atlanta. On August 14, a panel conference “FinTech Power House: Where Atlanta and China’s Greater Bay Area Meet,” took place at the Carter Center, bringing together many scholars and professionals in the FinTech sector in Georgia. Hosted by the Hong Kong Association of Atlanta and Georgia State University Confucius Institute, this event focuses on how Atlanta’s local companies can grasp the opportunities created by the development of financial technology in Hong Kong. In her address to kick off the panel discussion, Anna Fan, the...

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Bill Gates’ Mandarin op-ed in The People’s Daily (Sept. 3, 2018)

The following article was translated by Rumeng Chen, China Program Fall 2018 Intern. The original article in can be found here. African Nations Pay Close Attention to China’s Successful Path I have visited China many times since the 90s. Every time I visit China, I can feel tremendous changes underway – whether it is the towering skyscrapers or construction sites in progress. All aspects of data confirm my feelings. While experiencing dramatic changes itself, China is also changing the world. By the end of this year, China’s investment in scientific research is expected to surpass that of the United States,...

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