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Why is McCain so Anti-China?

The views expressed in this article belong entirely to the author of “Why is McCain so Anti-China?” and do not represent the views of the US-China Perception Monitor or the China Program at The Carter Center. During his speech below on May 30th at the Alliance 21 Lecture , John McCain referred to China an “economic miracle” and stressed increasing alliances between multiple nations, including Australia. But, he gave a rather harsh statement about China’s continued growth and power that has brought about a swift critique of the Senator’s rhetoric. Here is the contentious quote that has garnered much...

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Partners of Necessity: The Strategic Sino-Russian Alliance in Central Asia Over Belt and Road Initiative

The colossal Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a China-heavily funded economic development strategy that focuses on connectivity among countries primarily between the China and the rest of Eurasia. It consists of the land-based “Silk Road Economic Belt” (SREB) and oceangoing “Maritime Silk Road” (MSR). During the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) held in Beijing from May 14 to 15, 2017, China-Russia cooperation over BRI in Central Asia was warmly discussed. The special friendship between Beijing and Moscow is visibly displayed in Xi and Putin’s speeches, when both leaders reiterate their commitment to globalization and free trade. On a rhetorical...

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America’s Wavering Commitments to the Environment, NATO, and Free Trade: A Future Under China?

America’s Withdrawal From the International Scene and China’s Increasing Leadership Despite facing pressures from Pope Francis to German Chancellor Angela Merkel to keep the United States in the Paris Climate Accord during the 43rd G7 Summit last weekend, President Trump has announced his decision to withdraw from the agreement. This decision is only one of several recent inward-looking international positions taken on by the Trump administration. During the May 24-25 NATO meeting in Brussels, Trump declined to affirm America’s commitment to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which outlines the principle of collective defense. Trump also accused NATO...

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Full Steam Ahead on China’s Nuclear Development

China’s recently completed “Hualong One” (华龙一号) is now the world’s largest nuclear power  plant construction project, and is advertised as safer and more environmentally friendly than nuclear domes and reactors of the past. Marking a new development in nuclear technology, Hualong One represents China’s increased push for nuclear power sophistication and expansion of nuclear energy. This project has the potential to make around 30 billion yuan (approx. 437 billion USD) as an original and innovative Chinese export as China’s nuclear efforts go international. Both Argentina and France have already made agreements with China this year to have their own “Hualong...

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China RIMPAC Invitation Coincides with Disputes

The following article has been translated from the Chinese news site Sina Daily News. It reveals key reactions and commentaries from Chinese officials to China’s 2018 RIMPAC (Pacific Rim Joint Military Exercises) invitation by the United States, and provides necessary information about how the U.S.-China relationship is being marketed abroad in the wake of increasing tensions.  American Navy Already Invited China to Participate in 2018 Pacific Rim Military Exercises as well as a Planning Meeting According to a May 29th American Defense News Website Report, on Monday the American Navy confirmed that they had already sent out an invitation...

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