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Protest in Hong Kong and its Consequences

By Cindy Cheng What happened? In February 2018, a pregnant 20-year-old woman Poon Hiu-wing from Hong Kong was killed by her boyfriend Chan Tong-kai during a trip to Taiwan. The suspect, Chan Tong-kai, then 19, flew back to Hong Kong and has since been detained. Since then, the Hong Kong government has used Chan’s case to push for an amendment to extradition laws (The Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019), which would allow for case-by-case transfers to jurisdictions beyond Hong Kong where the crime was committed without asking Hong Kong’s legislature, the...

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A Relationship Under Extreme Duress: U.S.-China Relations at a Crossroads

By Michael D. Swaine The U.S.-China relationship is confronting its most daunting challenge in the forty years since the two countries established diplomatic ties. Current trends portend steadily worsening relations over the long term, with increasingly adverse consequences for all actors involved. Specifically, Beijing and Washington are transitioning from a sometimes contentious yet mutually beneficial relationship to an increasingly antagonistic, mutually destructive set of interactions. The often positive and optimistic forces, interests, and beliefs that sustained bilateral ties for decades are giving way to undue pessimism, hostility, and a zero-sum mindset in almost every area of engagement. Click here...

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Jintong Li: What Has the Regan-Liu Dialogue Told US

By Jintong Li The “debate” between anchors from Fox and CGTN, Trish Regan and Xin LIU, which covered a range of issues from the “trade war” to intellectual property rights issues, business rules,  and state capitalism, attracted thousands of people online and offline. There was an especially high level of engagement from youth, who weighed in via social media platforms like Twitter and Weibo from both countries. Overall, the respectful and friendly atmosphere demonstrated it was  more of a very productive conversation than a “debate” between two ordinary individuals. This conversation pointed out several aspects of the complicated polyhedron between the two largest economies in the world, which exists in the minds of both countries’ leadership and public in recent years. First, it highlights a psychological problem – the “Trust Dilemma” between the two countries. Under what conditions will the “trade war” come to an end?  Will the U.S. agree with Chinese leaders that China has to be dealt with differently than any other nation because China is a developing country that practices socialism with Chinese characteristics (Liu Xin’s words)? Can China privatize its SOEs in the coming decade and at what schedule? Answers to these questions from the leaders in the two countries are quite divergent and often lead to acrimonious accusations against each other. China and America lack trust between them. In their 2012 seminal report entitled Addressing U.S.-China...

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Bill Gates’ Mandarin op-ed in The People’s Daily (Sept. 3, 2018)

The following article was translated by Rumeng Chen, China Program Fall 2018 Intern. The original article in can be found here. African Nations Pay Close Attention to China’s Successful Path I have visited China many times since the 90s. Every time I visit China, I can feel tremendous changes underway – whether it is the towering skyscrapers or construction sites in progress. All aspects of data confirm my feelings. While experiencing dramatic changes itself, China is also changing the world. By the end of this year, China’s investment in scientific research is expected to surpass that of the United States,...

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Ding Kuisong: Reform and Development Research Foundation Meeting

Ding Kuisong is the Secretary General of the China International Culture Exchange Centre, which is a national non-profit organization that has deep roots and connections with Chinese leaderships. Ding is deeply involved with decision-making in China on policies toward the US and this speech provides a good window into the Chinese thinking of how China will respond to US disengagement and confrontational approach to China. This speech is widely shared by the Chinese media and reflects some of the main strain thinking of top Chinese intellectuals and advisors.   Speaking before the Reform and Development Research Foundation Third Annual...

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