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In Africa, Li Keqiang Refutes Charge of Chinese ‘Neo-Colonialism’

The tone of Li’s trip to Africa was carefully designed to hit back at accusations China is exploiting the continent. On April 11, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang finished his four country tour of Africa, making stops in Ethiopia (including the African Union headquarters), Nigeria, Angola, and Kenya. China’s activities in Africa are increasingly gaining media attention around the world, particularly as speculation heats up about a competition for the continent between China and the U.S. (or even China and Japan). Li’s trip promoted the traditional theme of China-African friendship, with an extra touch of defensiveness resulting from increased global scrutiny. While...

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America Should Step Back from the East China Sea Dispute

SHANGHAI — The United States has been a destabilizing force in the dispute between China and Japan over the sovereignty of a small chain of islands in the East China Sea. Not only did Washington create the problem in 1971 by arbitrarily returning the administrative rights of the islands to Japan, but America’s claim that its security alliance with Japan applies to the tiny islands has emboldened Tokyo to take a more aggressive stance toward Beijing. A peaceful resolution of the issue ultimately depends on the willingness of the Japanese government to acknowledge the dispute and pursue more reconciliatory...

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Now What About the Next 35 Years in U.S.-China Relations?

The U.S.-China Public Policy Forum on the 35th Anniversary of U.S.-China Diplomatic Relations was held at Harvard on March 23-25. The keynote speech was titled, “Now What About the Next 35 Years in US-China Relations? Can China and the US Work Together to Construct New Global Public Goods?” It was delivered by The Honorable Kevin Michael Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia, Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center, at the Harvard Kennedy School Loeb House, on March 24, 2014. Please click the link below to download a transcript of the speech: Kevin Rudd Keynote Speech on US-China Relations...

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American Election 2012: The Danger of China Bashing

The relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China has the capacity to define the global geopolitical landscape for decades to come.  Following the official end of the United States combat mission in Iraq in December 2011, the gradual drawing down of American troops in Afghanistan, and against the backdrop of a global financial crisis that has lasted for nearly four years, American relations vis-à-vis China are likely to take center stage on the international scene. As the U.S. Presidential contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney enters its final month, the dangers of this important...

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China’s World Takeover: Misguided American Perspectives of a Natural Phenomenon

Are the American people so afraid of China because of our countries’ differences? Because we are insecure about out place in the world right now? Because of too much media attention on the subject? Or is it because the Chinese government is using its exported lead-filled toys to poison our minds? China has become the center of international news in the U.S. since the economic recession began, and it has even played an important role in midterm political campaigns. While there has been plenty of media coverage and no lack of scare tactics, few have addressed exactly what we...

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Trump Timeline

Stay up to date with the timeline of Trump and the Trump Administration’s China Policies.

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Robert A. Kapp is senior advisor to the China Program at the Carter Center. He has been principal of Robert A. Kapp and Associates, a business consulting firm, since 2004. From 1994 through 2004 he served as President of the United States-China Business Council…