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Business As Usual for Chinese PLA Hackers

The New York Times has received details from Mandiant, a private security firm, which confirms Chinese hackers have resumed attacks on US government agencies and businesses. In February of this year, Mandiant released a scathing report which found over 100 hacking incidents aimed at the US originating from Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army. Hoping to deter such attacks, the Obama administration has publicly criticized the Chinese government. Despite a three-month lull in attacks, Mandiant, as well as fellow security firm Crowdstrike, reports that hackers originating from the same unit of the PLA are now operating at 60-70% of their former...

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Former Railway Minster is Sentenced

On July 8, former railway minister Liu Zhijun received a suspended death sentence for corruption and abuse of power. Liu, a high-level official who oversaw the unprecedented expansion of China’s railway network, was accused of accepting bribes totaling more than 64 million RMB (10 million USD) during his time in office. Liu has taken much of the blame for the fatal Wenzhou train crash in 2011, which killed 40 people. He is the first high-profile official to be convicted since Xi Jinping became President in...

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China Agrees to Meet to Over South China Sea Dispute

China has agreed to meet with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in September 2013 to develop a set of rules to avoid conflict in the South China Sea. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is currently in Brunei for an ASEAN-China Ministerial Meeting, which began on June 30. China previously resisted negotiating with the 10-member ASEAN body over disputes for oil, gas, and fishing rights in the South China...

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Shanghai Poised to Become a Free Trade Zone

Shanghai is poised to become mainland China’s first free trade zone. Approved on July 3, Li Keqiang is expected to officially announce the plan in the upcoming days. A free trade zone would allow businesses to import and export goods without customs approvals, as well as to freely convert foreign currency into the...

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Trump Timeline

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