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Trilateral News Roundup 04-08-2019

Global Reach: Information is a Weapon   (Aleksandra W. Gadzala, Democracy Journal Spring 2019, No. 52)  Aleksandra Gadzala, nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, wrote a piece for the Democracy Journal’s Spring 2019 issue discussing China’s newer soft power tactics aimed at spreading a Chinese global narrative. She highlights the shift towards Beijing’s overseas expansion of Chinese state media and technologies, in addition to its emphasis on promoting people-to-people exchanges. These efforts are focused on China’s method of laying down groundwork for a long-term promotion of a Chinese global narrative and viewpoint. Gadzala suggests the U.S. should combat this by also...

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Trilateral News Roundup 03-25

Is China’s Belt & Road Project a Trillion-Dollar Blunder? Debate #2  (Intelligence Squared Debates, 03/01/2019)  Ian Bremmer, Michèle Flournoy,Yasheng Huang, Parag Khanna, and Susan Thornton debate the potential of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in this video and whether the project is a mistake.  Below is a list of the debaters and summaries of their main points:  Ian Bremmer, Founder and President, Eurasia Group  Bremmer argues that the Belt and Road Initiative is not a blunder because of the huge opportunities for gaining political leverage that it gives China. He says that by spending so much time working with Chinese leaders on the infrastructure projects, foreign...

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Trilateral News Roundup 02-25

China in the Middle East “Middle Eastern States Have Lessons to Learn from Asean in Building Friendship with China, Say Experts at Singapore Conference” (South China Morning Post, Jing Yng Ng) 2019-02-12 Middle Eastern rivalries are creating a difficult path for China in building relationships, an experience they have not had with ASEAN partners. Interactions with the United States in the Middle East appear to be on the downswing as the United States aims to pull troops from Syria and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. The reliance various nations have had on global superpowers, particularly Russia and the United States, has made a regional identity a difficult...

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Transcript of President Jimmy Carter’s Remarks at the Forum on US-China Relations

The following is a transcript of President Carter’s remarks at the Annual Forum on US-China Relations, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the normalization of US-China relations. January 16-19, 2019 Atlanta, Georgia At this moment, my heart is filled with thanksgiving to Deng Xiaoping, who had the wisdom and the strength and confidence of the Chinese people to decide soon after I became President, to build upon the faltering relationship between the United States and China. As you know, President Nixon in 1972 had been to China and consummated the Shanghai communique. We said there was only one China which...

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Trilateral News Roundup 02-11

Dear readers,   This is the inaugural post in a new “news roundup” series. This news roundup is dedicated to news developments and academic papers related to potential US-China trilateral collaboration. This news roundup will include summaries of articles and papers regarding China’s rise, US and China involvement in Latin America, Africa, and other areas for trilateral cooperation, and other related topics.   CHINA’S RISE: The Unpredictable Rise of China  (The Atlantic, Daniel Blumenthal) 2019-02-03 Daniel Blumenthal, director of Asian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses the common misconceptions in the West regarding both China’s desire and ability...

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Trump Timeline

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SR: The Week’s China Reads

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Every week, China Program’s Senior Advisor Dr. Robert A. Kapp compiles a reading list and provides commentary, for you to better understand China.

Robert A. Kapp is senior advisor to the China Program at the Carter Center. He has been principal of Robert A. Kapp and Associates, a business consulting firm, since 2004. From 1994 through 2004 he served as President of the United States-China Business Council…