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Sino-US relations: Bump in the “new normal”

FT columnist Stephens: Global order in the 21st century and Sino-US relations will be determined by three elements, namely “cooperation, competition and conflict.” It has been a spat between cooperation and competition so far China and the US, but in the fight for dominance in Asia, the two countries are only a step away from...

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British Journal: Sino-US game birth of a new world order

British Journal: The Sino-US game has created a new world pattern. This does not mean that there will be a Cold War in Asia. China and the Soviet Union are now completely different. China is deeply integrated into the world economy, and is the world’s largest trading nation, but also in history as well. China and the US trade in width, depth and size are amazing. Future generations of Americans will depend on China’s stability and prosperity, and vice versa....

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“Upgrading” the Chinese passport 

To “upgrade” the Chinese passport, the Chinese government met with the United States, South Korea, Russia, and other 21 countries for 31 consular negotiations last year, the most consular meetings in China’s history. Negotiations achieved several breakthrough outcomes: for instance China and the U.S. will have a 10-year multiple entry visa for its citizens travel and Japan will give some Chinese citizens permission to extend their visas availability up to five years. Many people called last year a “visa year”. From Sina Weibo: February, 16th...

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Trump Timeline

Stay up to date with the timeline of Trump and the Trump Administration’s China Policies.

SR: The Week’s China Reads

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Every week, China Program’s Senior Advisor Dr. Robert A. Kapp compiles a reading list and provides commentary, for you to better understand China.

Robert A. Kapp is senior advisor to the China Program at the Carter Center. He has been principal of Robert A. Kapp and Associates, a business consulting firm, since 2004. From 1994 through 2004 he served as President of the United States-China Business Council…