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Price of imported cars cause hardships for Chinese people

Price of imported cars cause hardships for Chinese people — A car with a fixed price of 270,000 RMB costs 300,000 RMB by the time it arrives in China, 350,000 RMB after the 17% value-added tax, 440,000 RMB after the 25% tariff, and 540,000 RMB after the seller takes his profit of 100,000 RMB. The customer tax is 40% of this sum, which makes the price at least 900,000 RMB.  Then there’s a sales tax of approximately 80,000 RMB. After all that, a car that can be bought for 270,000 RMB in other countries costs us 1,000,000 RMB after taxes, even though our income is far...

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300 mu of farmland destroyed in Quzhou, Hebei province; villagers fall to their knees crying

300 mu of farmland destroyed in Quzhou, Hebei province; villagers fall to their knees crying– In May, a movement to “destroy wheat” swept through Quzhou county, which is located within the prefectural-level city of Handan in Hebei province. Everything, from wheat that was ten days away from harvest to tomatoes in the orchard ready to be sold, was ruined. The villagers were left with no harvest at all. The local government, in a briefing on the situation, said they did it to save the land for future...

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News that People Shouldn’t Forget

It will soon be two months since the Ya’an earthquake. The volunteers, rescue teams, and reporters have left. It’s been a long time since we heard any news from Ya’an. The story of Shanghai’s dead pigs has dropped off the radar too. The thallium poisoning incident has been forgotten. Those city management officials in Yan’an have found new jobs. The Red Cross never properly explained itself after all. No one remembers the baijiu that was tainted with plasticizer. The issue of toxic water being poured into groundwater during the Lunar New Year has also been left...

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The Warlords

“The Warlords”: Three thousand years of Chinese civilization, three thousand years of internal struggle. If you become corrupt, drag others down with you. You play dirty in order to get ahead. As a gangster, you must kill to prove you will live or die with your brothers. As an official, you must be corrupt, otherwise how will you show solidarity with your...

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Trump Timeline

Stay up to date with the timeline of Trump and the Trump Administration’s China Policies.

SR: The Week’s China Reads

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Every week, China Program’s Senior Advisor Dr. Robert A. Kapp compiles a reading list and provides commentary, for you to better understand China.

Robert A. Kapp is senior advisor to the China Program at the Carter Center. He has been principal of Robert A. Kapp and Associates, a business consulting firm, since 2004. From 1994 through 2004 he served as President of the United States-China Business Council…