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A Skeptic’s View Of U.S.-China-Japan Relations: Q & A With Dr. Mel Gurtov

If I had become an academic–i.e., gone on for the Ph.D. and a job in research and university teaching–my career might have have turned out like Mel Gurtov’s. Dr. Gurtov started as a researcher with the Rand Corporation–where studies deal with real world issues–and advanced to professor of political science in the University of California system. He is professor emeritus of political science at Portland State University and editor in chief of the journal Asian Perspective. He is author of more than 20 books on Asia and U.S. foreign policy. Gurtov contributed a brilliant article on U.S.-China relations, entitled “The...

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Growing concern with China’s behavior at sea: senior U.S. diplomat

The United States has growing concerns that China’s maritime claims in the disputed South China Sea are an effort to gain creeping control of oceans in the Asia-Pacific region, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday. In congressional testimony, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Danny Russel said China’s vague territorial claims in the South China Sea had “created uncertainty, insecurity and instability” among its neighbors. While the United States says it does not take sides in disputes, Russel said it has an interest in seeing maritime disputes resolved peacefully. The United States has...

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Survey on Mutual Perceptions

From Oct. 9 to Nov. 10, 2013, The Carter Center’s China Program conducted an online survey on U.S.–China mutual perceptions based on a convenient sample. There were 472 respondents from China and the United States; 385 people from China, 87 people from the U.S. The purpose of this survey is to understand at nominal level how American and Chinese citizens perceive each other. Result Highlights The majority of survey respondents from both countries have a favorable impression of each other. Both Chinese and American respondents reported an improved impression after visiting the other country. The majority of respondents from...

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US-China Rivalry More Dangerous Than Cold War?

Mearsheimer says a war between the US and China will be more likely than a US-Soviet one was during the Cold War. The prominent realist international relations scholar John Mearsheimer says there is a greater possibility of the U.S. and China going to war in the future than there was of a Soviet-NATO general war during the Cold War. Mearsheimer made the comments at a lunch hosted by the Center for the National Interest in Washington, DC on Monday. The lunch was held to discuss Mearsheimer’s recent article in The National Interest on U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East. However, much...

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China Targets Western “Cultural Threats”

Western “cultural threats” will be among several types of “unconventional security threats” targeted by China’s new National Security Committee, according to an article by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) senior colonel Gong Fangbin (公方彬). Additional “threats” the committee will target include extremist groups, cybersecurity threats, and online dissent. The article follows a familiar recent pattern of anti-Western propaganda and calls for tighter media control aimed at protecting the Communist Party’s hold on power under conditions of rapid social change in China. Colonel Gong’s article on “security management” under the new National Security Committee (国家安全委员会设立后的安全管理), was first published by the Central Party...

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Trump Timeline

Stay up to date with the timeline of Trump and the Trump Administration’s China Policies.

SR: The Week’s China Reads

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Every week, China Program’s Senior Advisor Dr. Robert A. Kapp compiles a reading list and provides commentary, for you to better understand China.

Robert A. Kapp is senior advisor to the China Program at the Carter Center. He has been principal of Robert A. Kapp and Associates, a business consulting firm, since 2004. From 1994 through 2004 he served as President of the United States-China Business Council…